White Feather Artwork


C A Crossman​

White Feather Artwork

When I finally answered the call to learn to watercolor, I had the great good fortune of stumbling into Caroline Lippincott’s class at the Santa Fe Community College. Instead of “teaching” me how to watercolor, Caroline a brilliant painter and teacher, nurtured my fledgling ability by teaching me the basics of perspective and the importance of density. Because I don’t know how I do what I do, we decided it was best not to mess with magic and aside from learning about some of the equipment and supplies, I never really learned how to do what I do.

This was followed by almost complete immersion in life drawing thanks to my art mentor, John Robinson who hosted models at his studio, took me to other drawing groups several days a week and was the first to tell me it was time to claim myself an artist.

After an almost 10 year hiatus from painting I began painting again for friends and decided it was time to put my work out in the world.